How to deal with holiday shopping stress

3 Tips to Keep You Safe and Stress-free During Black Friday Shopping

It’s that time of year again and the holiday shopping season is upon us. With the holiday rush expected to start even earlier this year, here are some tips to stay safe, healthy, and less stressed while shopping on Black Friday.

Black Friday Tips: Ways to Manage Stress

Prepare for the elements

    • If you are a Black Friday adventurist, you will likely be outside waiting for stores to open. Make sure to dress warmly – wear a hat, scarf, and gloves to keep exposed areas protected during the wait outside or commute in between stores. If you plan on camping out to save a spot in line, bring the following items:
      • Small tent to protect you from the wind and contain body heat
      • Sleeping bag and blankets to insulate you from the cold ground, or even a small camping heater if it is going to be dangerously cold
      • Folding chairs to keep you off the ground and help avoid leg cramps
      • Food and drinks – Since your food might be cold, it’s best to stick to snacks that are eaten at room temperature like crackers and sandwiches. Bring plenty of fluids and warm beverages like hot chocolate and tea

Be organized and efficient

    • Stress can add up with so many gifts to buy in such a limited amount of time.  Skim your list and see how many items you can find within the same store or mall. Consolidating all of your holiday shopping into one or two trips if possible can cut down a significant amount of time in your overall trip.

Plan your shopping ahead of time

  • Know which stores you want to visit beforehand, and make a list ahead of time of the items you want to buy.

For those who would rather not leave the comfort of their home, shopping online can be a stress-free alternative to navigating crowded stores and parking lots. You may even be able to save money with free shipping offers from many online retailers.

Most of all, enjoy shopping while you’re doing it. It’s no wonder they call it the most wonderful time of the year.