staying active at the workplace

The Importance of Staying Active in the Workplace

If you sit down at a desk for long periods of time, you might not be doing your body any favors.
According to a study from the Louisiana State University, people who sit for eight to 12 hours a day are 54 percent more likely to get a heart attack than people who sit for less than three hours a day. On average, active people live about two years longer.

Ron DeAngelo, ATC, director of the Sports Performance Program at UPMC Sports Medicine, explains that humans are just not supposed to sit for that long.

“We weren’t designed to sit. In prehistoric days, we never sat,” says DeAngelo. “As human beings, we were built to be hunters and gatherers on the move. But now, we’re hunters and gatherers in front of a computer.”

Breaking the cycle of sitting doesn’t have to be difficult. Looking for ways to stay healthy on the job without sacrificing time or productivity? It’s simple – just get off your duff!

Dynamic Warm Up

Watch in the video above as DeAngelo talks about the importance of staying active at work, and demonstrates some easy and fun exercises to try right at your desk that can help boost productivity and avoid injury.