Marathon Blogger Joelle Discusses February’s Challenges

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Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

In this installment of our marathon blogger series, Joelle, our newest runner talks about how her training has progressed during the month of February and the challenges she’s faced so far.Marathon Blogger Joelle

Okay, let me just say, the February weather was horrible!  I’m totally blaming the weather for my lack of efforts in training this month.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  I remained inconsistent with my training schedule.

My head and my running partner, Ryann, had the idea of running three times a week, having one be longer than the rest.  My butt on the other hand, decided to blame the cold and my hate of treadmills for the once a week run.  I couldn’t get motivated to run the treadmill.  It was way too cold to run outside.  My solution, do neither.  UGH! May 3 is going to come whether I train or not.  I know this, and yet, I somehow still did very little.

Seeing the published blog motivated me.  It also gave me an anxiety attack.  I have to run the half now; I was published saying I was going too.  I turned to Pinterest for ideas to “get back in the swing of things.”  I saw a pin which recommended purchasing some new running gear.  I did notice that my shoes were starting to lose their tread and giving me minor foot discomfort.

I initially thought it was just my head talking myself out of running, but it was nice to hear the True Runner associate validate that I wasn’t totally lazy.   I also purchased Honey Stingers, because my two mile runs required liquid energy… I laugh at this!  I have to admit, these purchases worked.  As crazy as it sounds, I couldn’t wait to run in my new shoes.  I also got a new arm band that could hold my iPhone.

I am not giving myself an option not to run if I have it scheduled.  If I don’t run with Ryann, I have to send her a post run selfie to prove I did.  Yesterday I ran a 5k and I didn’t hate it.  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t in love with the run, but I wasn’t cursing my daughter or this blog out every step. Having a running partner is definitely working for me.  Having no one to be accountable too, was not.  This blog being published is working for me.

I have to modify my nutritional habits now.  I gave up fried foods for Lent.  It’s not enough, I know.  I’m not sure what I should do.  Everything in me, says avoid carbs.  Everything I read, says carbs are a runners best friend.  I thought I was running to be able to eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight.  Who knew, your diet can make or break your run.  This is what I am going to look into for this month.  I want to work on a healthy diet that will be supportive for runners.  One that also allows me to have all the Mexican food that I want, does that exists?

I am also going to start a cross-training routine.  I need to lift weights.  I’m not sure why, but a beautiful, LL CooI J looking young man on the track with me, told me that lifting will help my endurance.   Side note, I am going to try to work in LL Cool J’s name in all my blogs! I will gladly take running advice from anyone who resembles my LL.  Hoping that next blog, will find me eating better, not missing my three times a week run and beginning a lifting regime.  I hope it also find warmer weather, did I mention I hate treadmills?

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