Your First Visit to a UPMC CancerCenter Radiation Oncology Site

WRITTEN BY: CancerCenter
Saturday, August 1st, 2015

What Do You Need to Bring to the CancerCenter Radiation Oncology Site?

  • A government-issued photo ID
  • Health insurance information
  • Current medications
  • Any related medical documents from non-UPMC providers

What Should You Expect From Your First Visit to a UPMC CancerCenter?

When you first arrive, a member of the radiation oncology team at the CancerCenter will take your vital signs, review your medical history and complete a patient assessment for you. Then a radiation oncologist will review your case including your recent scans and tests, and discuss with you how radiation therapy could play in your care. If you decide to move ahead with radiation therapy, a UPMC representative will schedule a simulation/planning appointment with you.

Please plan to stay for about two hours for the first visit to the CancerCenter Radiation Facility, and it’s best to arrive 15 minutes early!

Watch our video series  “What to Expect During, Before, and After Radiation Treatment”.

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