Medical Mondays: Integrative Oncology

WRITTEN BY: CancerCenter
Monday, October 19th, 2015

Undergoing treatment for cancer is scary and brings about its own set of struggles and side effects. But while we often think of the physical effects of cancer, the emotional toll can often be overlooked. Integrative oncology works to treat not only the cancer, but all aspects of a patient’s treatment – from recovery to survivorship.

Here you’ll learn:

  • What is Integrative Oncology?
  • Benefits of Yoga and Meditation
  • How Aromatherapy Helps Cancer Patients
  • Benefits of Acupuncture

  • yoga class

    Benefits of Yoga for Cancer Patients Q&A

    By relying on breathing and gentle movements, yoga can provide many health benefits – especially to those coping with cancer. It has been shown to improve quality of life, fatigue, anxiety, and even pain. Read more to listen to the Q&A session hosted by the UPMC Center for Integrative Oncology. Read More
  • yoga

    Yoga Meditation: Helping Cancer Patients Manage Side Effects

    Meditation has been gaining visibility lately due to its ability to reduce stress and improve quality of life for those who practice. Because of these benefits, it can be a supportive adjunct to cancer treatment by connecting the mind, body, and spirit. Read more to discover how meditation can benefit you. Read More
  • meditation

    Mindfulness Meditation: A Guided Practice (Video)

    To reduce the stress, anxiety and often the pain that accompanies cancer and other chronic illnesses, more and more people are turning to mindfulness meditation. Those who practice regularly report feeling calmer and more positive. Read more to discover a simple guided meditation practice you can do anywhere. Read More
  • yoga

    Yoga Practice for the Office (Video)

    Through deep breathing and stretching, yoga connects the body, mind, and spirit and can promote overall health and well-being. While often practiced at a dedicated studio, yoga can be done anywhere – even at your desk! Read more to experience a short guided yoga practice you can try anywhere. Read More
  • integrative oncology

    Integrative Oncology: A Holistic Approach to Cancer Care

    We know cancer affects the body, but what we don’t always think about is the emotional toll of the disease. Integrative oncology takes a holistic approach to not only treating cancer, but also caring for all aspects of treatment, recovery, and survivorship. Read more to discover the treatment and therapy methods, as well as the benefits of integrative oncology. Read More
  • acupuncture

    Acupuncture Helps Side Effects During and After Cancer Treatment

    While many are anxious to try acupuncture, the traditional Chinese medicine has been growing as a treatment tool for those battling cancer. Pain management and help with nausea, vomiting, and fatigue are listed among its benefits, which can be incredibly helpful when dealing with chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation. Read more to discover how to incorporate acupuncture into your treatment plan. Read More
  • essential oils

    Improve Your Mood with Aromatherapy During Cancer Treatment

    Aromatherapy uses essential oils, like lavender, peppermint, ginger, and citrus, to help your mind and body relax. Many people find relief through this method while battling the stress, fatigue, and emotional turmoil of cancer. Read more to discover how aromatherapy can impact your mood and even support body systems. Read More
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