Infographic: Holiday Meat Carved and Compared

WRITTEN BY: BodyChangers
Monday, December 14th, 2015

It’s that time of year again! Most of us agree that the holidays are a time for enjoying friends, family, and delicious food, but that doesn’t mean you have to overindulge! For those of us who are health-conscious but don’t want to give up on the fun entirely, it’s essential to make wise choices when it comes to your holiday plate.

We've carved out the differences between various holiday meats in this infographic: Click To Tweet

Registered dietitian Tessa Wellmon helps us digest the nutrition facts on some of our favorite holiday meat so we can make the healthiest decision:

  • Roast Turkey, light meat, without skin: 3.5 oz; 157 calories; 29.9 g protein; 3.2 g of fat; 1 g saturated fat; 69 mg cholesterol
  • Roasted Ham (11-13% fat): 3.5 oz; 178 calories; 22.6 g protein; 9 g fat; 3.1 g saturated fat; 59 mg cholesterol
  • Beef Rib Roast: 3.5 oz; 402 calories; 22.5 g protein; 33.9 g fat; 14.1 g saturated fat; 85 mg cholesterol
  • Duck, without skin: 3.5 oz; 201 calories; 23.5 g protein; 11.2 g fat; 4.2 g saturated fat; 89 mg cholesterol
  • Leg of Lamb: 3.5 oz; 258 calories; 25.6 g protein; 16.5 g fat; 6.9 g saturated fat; 93 mg cholesterol
Make wise choices this holiday season by learning the nutritional breakdown of your favorite meat.


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