Walking Is Good for Your Health — and the Environment

Friday, September 16th, 2016

You might know that walking is a great way to increase physical wellness, lower your blood pressure, and increase your overall mood — but did you know that walking for your commute is also healthy for the environment?

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According to WalkPittsburgh, an initiative with a mission to make Pittsburgh “One of America’s Most Walkable Cities,” commuting by foot has many positive effects on the environment, such as the reductions in air pollution, carbon footprint, and gasoline usage.

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WalkPittsburgh.org and the WalkPittsburgh app provide resources and support to encourage more people to walk more often, as well as:

  • Improve pedestrian safety
  • Communicate the health and economic benefits of walking
  • Ensure that walkability is factored into transportation and development plans

Just how much gasoline have WalkPittsburgh members saved by walking for their commute? See the graphic below.



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