App Support

We have recently released our new HealthBeat app for mobile and tablet devices. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding usage and features. If you still have questions regarding the app or issues during use, please contact us at [enter email or support number].

Where do I download the new app?

Currently, the app is available only for iOS devices. You can find the app on the Apple App Store [add link when live] for download.

What does the app do?

Our new app allows you to customize your reading preferences so you can quickly browse and read articles that are relevant to you and your lifestyle. You are also able to favorite and share articles for quick reference.

How do I update the app?

We will be releasing various app updates to improve features and functionality. You can check the App App Store [add link to app page] to see if you are eligible for the latest update.

The app is not working on my iOS device.

Make sure your operating system is using 8.0 or higher. Our app is not compatible with older operating systems.

Is my information safe once I create an account on the app?

Yes, you can read more about our privacy policy for our website, app and other properties for further explanation.




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