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Is fish really brain food? Is my brain really a muscle? What happens to my brain during a concussion? We answer these questions and more.

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Infographic: The Science of Love

This post was last updated on February 9, 2017 The average person falls in love seven times before marriage. Being “lovesick” can cause some pretty strong effects on the body. Discover the science behind one of the most thrilling human emotions.   Love and Hormones Science tells us that attraction… Read more »

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Common Causes of Dizziness and How to Avoid It

When you feel dizzy or light-headed, it’s because your brain isn’t getting enough blood. Most of the time, dizziness goes away quickly on its own or is easily treated. Here are the most common causes of light-headedness: Dehydration (your body does not have enough water) because of vomiting, diarrhea, or fever… Read more »

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Nathan - Brain Surgery Patient Story

Brain Care Institute Patient Story: Nathan’s Story

Nathan Barcaskey was a healthy, happy, energetic kid. He loved to wrestle, play basketball, and take hikes in the woods. When Nathan started complaining of bad headaches, his mother took him to the family’s primary care physician (PCP), who recommended they see Bilal Sitwat, MD, a neurologist in the Brain… Read more »

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