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Don’t Put Away That Sunscreen Just Yet

If you ask Melissa Janoski, a medical aesthetician at Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Health Center at UPMC, she would tell you that your skin deserves as much attention in the fall as in the summer. While the sunny days with temperatures in the 80s and 90s have diminished rapidly, it… Read more »

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Infographic: Diabetes by the Numbers

Today is World Diabetes Day. Individuals with diabetes need to understand how to eat healthy, be active, take medications, and test their blood sugar. UPMC has 47 locations throughout western Pennsylvania that offer diabetes education and support services.

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Using Your Blood for Natural Healing

Even after having surgery for a sports-related groin injury, recovery was slow for Megan Cortazzo, MD, a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist with UPMC. A fellow physician suggested platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy — and her results were so positive that she now offers the service to patients. What is Platelet-Rich… Read more »

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