Sports Medicine

Step up your game with this great sports med resource. It covers everything from managing concussions to selecting the proper sports gear.

skiing downhill

Preventing Injuries on the Slopes

Downhill skiing can result in both serious and minor injuries if you’re not prepared. While some athletes participate in other sports during the off-season to stay in shape, many skiers are weekend warriors and return to the slopes after months of waiting for snow. Strength, flexibility, endurance, and agility drills… Read more »

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winter exercise

Exercising in Cold Weather

For climates that experience the change of seasons, especially the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states, winter can sometimes feel like it lasts from October through March. While most people head indoors at the first sign of frost, there are some who still forge ahead into the brisk temperatures to continue with… Read more »

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hockey players

Nutrition for Hockey: Making the Right Choices

Hockey season is in full swing, and that can often mean traveling long distances for away games. If you or your child travel for games and tournaments, it’s important to make the right nutrition and hydration choices. Leslie Bonci, MPH, RD, is the director of sports nutrition at UPMC Sports… Read more »

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