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A recognized leader in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and disorders, the physicians and staff of the UPMC Eye Center work to improve patients’ quality of life through vision preservation and restoration. We personalize and individualize care for each patient, and our care is always patient-focused.

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What is Laser Vision Correction Surgery? (Video)

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning and be able to see the alarm clock? Or to be able to read or drive without needing glasses? With laser vision correction, these are all possibilities. Laser vision correction is a procedure that changes the shape of your cornea… Read more »

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eye exam

The Importance of Eye Exams

This post was last updated on April 12, 2016 Exercise. Eat healthy. Head to the doctor for regular checkups. What’s missing? Regular visits to the eye doctor are a critical part of any healthy lifestyle — regardless of your current ability to see. In addition to adjusting your prescription, eye doctors… Read more »

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eye drops for dry eye

Dry Eye: Common Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Tears lubricate the eyes and wash away particles and foreign objects. A healthy tear film on the eye is necessary for good vision. Dry eye is a common condition that occurs when the natural tear film that covers the surface of the eye is insufficient. UPMC Eye Center ophthalmologists Andrew… Read more »

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cosmetic eye procedure

Cosmetic Eye Surgery

Cosmetic eye surgery, also known as oculoplastic surgery, is plastic and reconstructive surgery involving the soft tissue and bones surrounding the eyes, eyelids, tear ducts, and eye sockets. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Surgery, in 2012 more than 150,000 eyelid procedures alone were performed. And while cosmetic eye… Read more »

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What is Ocular Myokymia (Eye Twitching)?

Ocular myokymia, more commonly known as eye twitching, can be either twitching of the eyelids or the twitching of the eye. Jen Will, MD, an ophthalmologist at UPMC Eye Center, further explains the causes and treatments of eye twitching. What are the Causes of Eye Twitching? For the most part, the… Read more »

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