• Is Sleep Apnea Making You a

    Morning Zombie?

    Do you wake up feeling like a zombie? Do you have trouble keeping your eyes open at work or school, or even while driving? You might be one of the 12 million-plus Americans feeling the effects of a disorder known as sleep apnea. Even though you may be getting to bed at a reasonable hour and assuming you’re getting a normal night’s sleep, sleep apnea can subtly interrupt the quality of your sleep, making you feel tired and lethargic in the morning. (more…)

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  • Recipe: Homemade

    Pumpkin Spice Latte

    Fall is finally here and we are officially excited about EVERYTHING pumpkin! Instead of buying the famous coffeehouse drink, skip out on the saturated fat, carbohydrates, and sugars by crafting your own version of the pumpkin spice latte in the kitchen. You may be used to waiting in a long line for this tasty treat, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find you can whip up this recipe in half the time. Better yet, this version uses real pumpkin, not syrup! (more…)

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  • Infographic:

    Colors of the Eye

    From the famous lines of beloved songs to the stories of ancient legends, eye color has captivated audiences throughout time. The origins and genetic makeup associated with eye color makes the color of one’s eye more complex than a simple collection of aesthetic traits, however. Genes and pigment concentrations are two important factors in determining eye color. Some eye colors are more rare than others and can be linked to genetics or family origins and heritage. (more…)

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Diagnosed with Liposarcoma

by CancerCenter

Toronto mayor Rob Ford, who made headlines last year for his erratic behavior, is in the spotlight again. The 45-year old mayor was recently diagnosed with liposarcoma, a rare form of cancer that takes root in the body’s fat cells.

A biopsy showed that Ford’s cancer is aggressive and had spread from his abdomen to other parts of his body. The tumor itself measured 5 inches by 5 inches. In light of his diagnosis, Ford dropped out of the 2014 Toronto Mayoral election to pursue treatment. (more…)

Yoga Meditation: Helping Cancer Patients Manage Side Effects

by CancerCenter

For a cancer patient who is struggling through treatment and trying to manage chronic pain, the storm of stress can be overwhelming. In addition to traditional treatments, some patients and family members are interested in exploring services that address the mind, body, and spirit to help them manage side effects and stress. At UPMC CancerCenter Integrative Oncology, modalities of movement, touch, nutrition, and mindfulness are used within conventional cancer care to address and improve symptoms and quality-of-life. (more…)

Recipe: Black Beans, Tomato, and Corn Salsa

by BodyChangers

With football season underway, avid fans of the game (and Fantasy Football players, too!) often enjoy watching their favorite teams duke it out on the gridiron while muching on some snacks. Whether you’re hosting a football viewing party at your place or visiting a friend with a big screen to root for your team, good food is always welcome.

Although some cream- or cheese-based dips can be tasty, they are often packed with hidden fats, sodium, and empty calories. As a healthier option, look to vegetable-based dips that can be as equally satisfying as their cheesier counterparts. With this in mind, chips and salsa are a staple for any game day. Check out this healthy alternative to traditional salsa, featuring corn, tomato, and heart-healthy black beans. (more…)

7 Hot Drinks to Keep You Warm at the Tailgate


Ready, set, HIKE! The start of football season means it’s tailgating time. From food drowning in cheese to high calorie alcoholic drinks, tailgates can be disastrous to anyone who wants to finish out the year on a healthy note. For a healthy and toasty tailgate, skip the alcohol and coffee shop treats to avoid unnecessary calories, and stay warm with some of our favorite hot drinks.  (more…)

5 Fast Facts about Cancer and the Flu

by CancerCenter

With flu season approaching, cancer patients often ask whether they should receive flu shots. To say that dealing with a cancer diagnosis and completing a treatment program can be difficult is an understatement. However, wondering and worrying about the way more common health ailments can impact you during treatment adds another layer of complexity to dealing with the disease. As flu season nears, individuals battling cancer may have a number of questions about how they can stay healthy as possible while they are fighting cancer. Here are five fast facts about cancer and the flu (more…)