• Do you wake up feeling like a zombie? Do you have trouble keeping your eyes open at work or school, or even while driving? You might be one of the 12 million-plus Americans feeling the effects of a disorder known as sleep apnea. Even though you may be getting to bed at a reasonable hour and assuming you’re getting a normal night’s sleep, sleep apnea can subtly interrupt the quality of your sleep, making you feel tired and lethargic in the morning. Sleep apnea has many other affects on the body, but this is certainly one of the most recognizable symptoms of a disorder you may not even be aware you have. (more…)

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  • Recipe: Homemade

    Pumpkin Spice Latte

    Fall is finally here and we are officially excited about EVERYTHING pumpkin! Instead of buying the famous coffeehouse drink, skip out on the saturated fat, carbohydrates, and sugars by crafting your own version of the pumpkin spice latte in the kitchen. You may be used to waiting in a long line for this tasty treat, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find you can whip up this recipe in half the time. Better yet, this version uses real pumpkin, not syrup! (more…)

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  • Infographic:

    Colors of the Eye

    From the famous lines of beloved songs to the stories of ancient legends, eye color has captivated audiences throughout time. The origins and genetic makeup associated with eye color makes the color of one’s eye more complex than a simple collection of aesthetic traits, however. Genes and pigment concentrations are two important factors in determining eye color. Some eye colors are more rare than others and can be linked to genetics or family origins and heritage. (more…)

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The Dangers of Sun Poisoning

by Urgent Care

Sunburn can result from as little as 15 minutes under the sun and causes symptoms such as skin redness, pain, and small blisters. If symptoms worsen, it could be sun poisoning – a severe form of sunburn. (more…)

Risks of High-Intensity Training Programs

by Orthopaedic Surgery

Whether you’re looking to get in shape, lose weight, or take your fitness to the next level, the options for structured exercise programs are practically endless. Popular high-intensity workout programs, such as CrossFit™ and P90X®, are based on the concept of plyometrics – rapid and varied muscle movements in short, quick bursts. (more…)

Boost your Smoothie – Add Blueberries

by BodyChangers

Way back when, some of the first settlers to the United States used this power-packed fruit to help treat coughs, colds, and other ailments. Certainly, they knew what they were doing. Blueberries are jam packed with all sorts of nutrients, and have been known to help improve your health in a big way. (more…)