Jan, 04, 2014
cold sinus infection

How to Tell – Cold Vs. Sinus Infection?

A cold and a sinus infection have so many overlapping symptoms it can be difficult to distinguish between the two of them.But there are a few unique indicators of each condition, so look out for them to help you determine which one you have and when to see a physician…. Read more »

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Jan, 03, 2014
woman running cold weather

Lose that Post Holiday Weight…and Keep it Off

Ahhh…the holidays. All the delicious food, drinks, sweets, cakes, cookies, and whatever ever else you happen to get your hands on, can really affect your waist line. In fact, most Americans gain at least one pound between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics…. Read more »

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Jan, 02, 2014
sleepy exhausted girl

Exhausted and Sleepy?

At UPMC’s Sleep Medicine Center, doctors can diagnose and treat sleep apnea, often with surprisingly fast results. Overweight and diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes, and an irregular heartbeat, Robert Guthrie underwent a sleep study at UPMC’s Sleep Medicine Center to evaluate his pulmonary function and suitability for gastric bypass… Read more »

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Jan, 01, 2014
new years resolutions list

Keeping your New Year’s Resolution

A new year is upon us and for most people that means another start to you New Year’s resolutions.If you are like the majority of resolution-makers, keeping these goals can be quite the challenge. Whether you are trying to slim down, save up, or make any positive change in your… Read more »

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Dec, 30, 2013
winter exercise

Exercising in Cold Weather

For climates that experience the change of seasons, especially the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states, winter can sometimes feel like it lasts from October through March. While most people head indoors at the first sign of frost, there are some who still forge ahead into the brisk temperatures to continue with… Read more »

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Dec, 30, 2013
cold vs sinus

Tips to Avoid and Fight the Common Cold

Avoiding the Cold Wash your hands with soap regularly. Stay away from sick individuals if possible. If you work in a health facility or must care for a sick person, wash your hands after each patient contact. Avoid touching the nose, mouth, and eyes. Disinfect commonly-used objects in your household… Read more »

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