mother and daughter in bathrobes

February 2-8 was Burn Awareness Week.

A large share of burn traumas is related to household incidents, specifically hot water in faucets and cooking accidents. Do you know how to prevent scalds in your household? Here are some quick tips on how to keep everyone safe and scald-free!

Avoiding Scald Burns In the kitchen

  • Establish a “safety zone” in the kitchen for your children, away from the stove and sink.
  • Place young children in high chairs or playpens a safe distance from burn hazards while preparing or serving food.
  • Cook on back burners whenever possible.
  • Turn all pot handles towards the back of the stove.
  • When removing lids, don’t forget about steam – always lift lids away from your body.

Avoiding Scalding Anywhere there is a faucet

  • Do not allow young children to adjust water temperatures unsupervised.
  • When filling a bath, fill cool water first and then hot.
    • Turn off the hot water off first when finished.
    • Always check the temperature before entering.
  • When bathing younger children, face them away from the faucet, so that they cannot reach for the knobs.
  • Clearly mark all faucets with “hot” and “cold” settings.
  • Keep water heater temperatures set at 120 F or lower.

This year’s theme, scalds, was determined by the American Burn Association

Video: Common Burns – Scalding

Watch this video featuring Jenny Ziembicki, MD, director at UPMC Mercy Trauma and Burn Center, for more information on scald burns.