boating life jackets

Often, Summer activities involve water sports or swimming, so this year, take some extra steps to ensure you and your family are practicing water safety and reducing your risk of danger:

  1. Wear life jackets for boating and while swimming in lakes, rivers, or the ocean.
  2. Know how to swim and teach your children to swim.
  3. Be aware that inner tubes and play rafts are not flotation devices. Life jackets are the only flotation aid you can rely on.
  4. Swim lessons for children four years old and over.
  5. Never leave children unattended around water, no matter what their swimming skill level.
  6. In public pools and beaches, children should swim only when lifeguards are on duty or if an experienced swimmer is watching.
  7. To avoid accidental falls, be sure to cover your pool or spa when not in use. All pools should be fenced.
  8. Know the rules of boating safety. Visit the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission website for additional information regarding safety and rules.
  9. Ponds, five-gallon buckets, and wading pools are also potential drowning hazards for children. Empty water from buckets and wading pools, and always make sure children are supervised around water.
  10. Learn CPR.

With these safety practices and suggestions in mind, you can “Play It Safe” this Summer!