It’s time to break out that pumpkin costume! Halloween is just around the corner. No matter what kids decide to wear, a safety plan will keep the night going smoothly and keep your little pumpkins happy! As you get ready to take your little one out for trick-or-treating this Halloween, keep these tips in mind. Planning ahead will ensure that you both have an enjoyable and safe time.

  1. Make sure costumes are bright and easily seen.
  2. See that masks fit properly and don’t obstruct eyesight or airways. Consider non-toxic makeup, instead.
  3. Ensure shoes and costumes fit to avoid falls.
  4. Make sure costumes are flame-retardant.
  5. Trick-or-treaters should always have an adult chaperone.
  6. Chaperones should carry a flashlight and cell phone. Bring fresh batteries.
  7. Avoid costume accessories that could easily cause harm, such as swords or canes.
  8. Trick-or-treaters should never enter a stranger’s home or car.
  9. Place emergency identification information discreetly inside clothing of small children.
  10. Only trick-or-treat at homes that are well lit.
  11. Trick-or-treaters should eat a healthy meal before going out.
  12. Watch for signs of candy that has been tampered with.
  13. Young trick-or-treaters should avoid gum, hard candies and other potential choking hazards.

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