E-cigarettes may be becoming more popular, but the dangers they can potentially pose are just beginning. Billed as an alternative source to consuming nicotine without the tobacco and the other the additives of traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes may be almost as toxic as their paper cigarette counterparts.

Check out the infographic to discover more facts about e-cigarette toxicity:

Discover the dangers of e-cigarettes, especially for young children.

The refill solution for most e-cigarettes is sold in small, colorful bottles, making it exceptionally attractive to young, unknowing children. In addition, the liquid comes in sweet flavors such as chocolate, cherry, and apple leading some children to believe that it’s candy.

Although the solution is mostly non-toxic, some mixtures contain nicotine, which can be very harmful to a small child, even if spilled. Once they grab the liquid off a low table or counter, just two teaspoons can be fatal to a child.

This could explain why the number of poison-center calls related to e-cigarettes has increased in recent years, rising from one instance in 2010 to 215 in 2014. Even more, the instances of e-cigarette toxicity are rising nationwide, including in Pittsburgh. In 2009, there was only one case of e-cigarette toxicity in Pittsburgh, but there were 121 as of November 2014.

We recommend storing  refill solutions out of children’s reach in high cabinets and preferably in a locked container. You can also utilize Mr. Yuk stickers to help educate your children about the dangers of toxic products.

If your child accidently ingests a harmful substance, it’s important to seek immediate medical attention. Visit the nearest emergency room or contact the Pittsburgh Poison Center at 800-222-1222.