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6 Heart Healthy Recipes

A balanced diet can go a long way to improving and maintaining your heart health. The good news is that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring and tasteless! In honor of National Heart Month, we partnered with the Pittsburgh Penguins and the American Heart Association to bring you some simple and delicious meal ideas for any time of day. You’ll find tasty snacks, hearty breakfasts, and delectable dinners – among other mealtime recipes – that are as healthy as they are flavorful.

We hope you find a healthy recipe to make and enjoy!

  • Recipe: Cinnamon Quinoa with Peaches

    If you haven't added quinoa to your diet yet, you should! High in protein and fiber, and low in fat, quinoa is as nutritious as it is delicious! Whip up a batch of this Cinnamon Quinoa with Peaches over the weekend and enjoy a hearty and filling breakfast for the rest of the week! Read More
  • Recipe: Healthy Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs

    Getting the kids involved in preparing food can encourage them to eat healthier. These Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs are as fun to eat as they are to make! Cook a bunch for dinner and save a few for lunch the next day. Read More
  • Recipe: Dijon Pork with Potatoes and Carrots

    For a heartier meal, we recommend this Dijon Pork with Potatoes and Carrots recipe. It's perfect for those cold winter days! The best part? You make it all at on one baking tray, so you have less to clean up! Read More
  • Recipe: Pan-Seared Basil Shrimp with Multigrain Pasta

    Can't live without pasta? Substitute multigrain for white, add plenty of vegetables and you have a scrumptious meal that won't make you feel guilty later! This Pan-Seared Basil Shrimp Pasta dish can be prepared in all of 10 minutes, but looks and tastes like you labored over it for hours. Read More
  • Recipe: Baked Pita with Cheese, Tomatoes and Cucumbers

    Here's a perfect guilt-free snack you can whip up for the kids after school or just because. We love the tomato and cucumbers that top this Baked Pita with Cheese recipe, but feel free to switch things up with whatever vegetables you have on hand. Read More
  • Heart-Healthy Recipe: Sweet Potato Nachos

    This little snack takes a little bit of work, but it is well worth the effort. These Sweet Potato Nachos have that perfect sweet and salty balance, not to mention fun to eat! Read More