The battle against epilepsy can be challenging. Often, people jump from medication to medication, with little hope that their seizures will decrease, let alone stop completely. Yet, it’s not commonly known that people who have failed just two epilepsy medications can be referred to a comprehensive epilepsy center, like the one at UPMC, for a surgical evaluation.

In this week’s Medical Mondays video, you’ll learn about:

  • Complications associated with epilepsy
  • When it’s appropriate to consider epilepsy surgery
  • How UPMC surgeons determine what area of the brain are causing seizures
  • How epilepsy surgery can result in patients becoming seizure free

Interested in a more personal view on living with epilepsy? Visit Katrina’s blog, featured in this week’s Medical Mondays, where she documents her journey with epilepsy and shares important awareness and advocacy information.

For more information on epilepsy treatment at UPMC, visit our department website or call 1-877-986-9862 to schedule an appointment.