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Gary Roberts: Developing a Corrective Training Regimen

This post comes from Gary Roberts, former Pittsburgh Penguin and 19-year NHL veteran, of UPMC Sports Performance, Powered by Gary Roberts High Performance Training.

When embarking on any kind of training regime, I believe body awareness is key, meaning that you have a sense of your body’s strengths, limitations, and weaknesses.

Our program at the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex, guided by the principles of my Gary Roberts High Performance Training (GRHPT) program, helps uncover these for our clients by completing an in-depth performance assessment to evaluate movement patterns, muscle imbalances, mobility, stability, and baselines for strength, flexibility, power output, and endurance.

Once identified, our training staff can develop corrective training phase to restore balance and create a solid foundation upon which to build your performance training.

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The effectiveness of a corrective training phase has a great deal to do with paying close attention to proper form and technique. So many training gains can be squandered if exercises are done incorrectly.  A key element to mastering proper form is good posture and proper body alignment. I am a big believer in ELDOA stretching (which stands for Étirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation OsteoArticulaire) as a way to help properly align my body and get it ready for training. I like to incorporate various ELDOA stretches into my warm-ups.

As with anything, I find a thoughtful approach typically provides a good opportunity for success. I believe training is no exception.  The purpose of establishing a strong foundation in the initial stages of training is to build upon it effectively.  It’s like a house, if the foundation is weak, the house will eventually crumble.