Watch as Dr. Timothy Ward of UPMC discusses scoliosis in kids.

The shape of a normal spine is straight up and down when viewed from the back. From the side, it naturally curves into an S-shape.

When the spine curves more than 10 degrees, doctors may diagnose scoliosis, a side-to-side curvature of the spine. Symptoms of scoliosis include back pain, uneven shoulders, and an appearance of leaning to one side.

For more information, visit the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Spine Deformity Center website.

At Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, doctors at the Spine Deformity Center specialize in the treatment of scoliosis, as well as kyphosis.

In this video, watch as Timothy Ward, MD, discusses pediatric scoliosis and kyphosis, as well as answers submitted questions from patients and parents.