5 Simple Tips to Stay Moving at Home

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How much have you moved lately? If your routine has consisted of walking from room to room in your home, you may not be moving enough and could begin to feel the effects of being sedentary sooner than you think. For those of us who don’t favor an intense workout but wish to stay active, there are some simple ways to stay moving while stuck in the house. These tips add a little movement to your daily routine to help prevent a stiff neck and a tired mindset. 

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Ways to Stay Moving at Home

1. Jog to get the mail or grab a package.

Whether you’re online shopping and receive packages often, or you just need to retrieve your regular mail, odds are you need to take several steps to do so. It won’t take long—so take a jog! This short burst of energy may even remind your body that it wants to move and help you feel more motivated to incorporate some exercise into your day.

2. Walk while you are on a conference call.

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to work from home during this difficult time, you may find yourself on several conference calls each day. If you’re leading the call or actively participating, you may need to sit and focus. But if you’re having a casual call or simply listening in to learn, grab your phone and take a walk. You don’t even need to go outside; you can walk around your house or even walk in place, allowing for some movement during your work hours. If you do not need to have your web cam on, you could even do squats and sit ups while watching a large-group video chat. It’s simple to listen and still get some exercise in. (You might want to mute your microphone.)

3. Do an ab workout while you wait for food delivery.

You’re hungry and you order food delivery. Estimated delivery times seem to be getting longer and longer as more people request delivery, so how will you spend your time waiting to eat? Try a short ab workout. Abdominal workouts are diverse, require minimal space and no equipment, and are simple to learn. They’re typically organized into 15- or 30-minute routines, which is a typical delivery wait time. While this short workout will help your core strength if you stay the course, it will also likely increase your desire for dinner as it uses some energy. Putting the work in before dinner can really help you enjoy that meal.

4. Stretch while you scroll through social media.

How much time do you spend on social media every day? Many spend hours perusing, which often can lead to stiff muscles and pain in the neck, fingers, hands, and wrists. It’s important to stay aware of your body while you scroll—roll your neck around occasionally, sit up straight, and stretch your muscles. Your body will thank you.

The same applies if you are working from home and are on your computer all day. Be sure to set yourself up in a comfortable position and check your posture often. Sitting uncomfortably for an extended period of time may contribute to newfound pain if you’re not using good body mechanics. Try to mimic your work environment as much as possible by using a desk or table. If you can improvise a standing desk, or sit on an exercise ball while you work, that’s even better; it gets some exercise in while your mind is elsewhere.

5. Practice yoga while you watch your nightly shows.

If you have a nightly show you don’t want to miss, doing a short workout during it can keep you active and help you avoid snacking while watching. Yoga is one option, as it’s simple to watch while practicing. If you need a quiet environment for yoga, you could just as easily stretch or do an ab workout while watching your show. Try turning it into a game! For example, do 10 pushups during every commercial break or do a 30-second plank every time someone says a particular word—whatever it takes to make your workout feel worthwhile.

However you choose to move during your time at home, try to keep it up. We think you’ll be glad you did. Share with us how you’ve chosen to remain active on Instagram or Twitter with #SportsMedMovers. We can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

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