UPMC Total Care - IBD

When you live with a chronic disease like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), you learn to juggle certain tasks. You’re often managing multiple doctor’s appointments, unexpected hospital visits, and medical costs. But over time, all that multitasking takes a toll and affects your quality of life.

Our comprehensive IBD treatment program, called UPMC Total Care – IBD, can help. This innovative program allows you to manage all of your care in one place, so you spend less time multitasking and more time living.

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What Is UPMC Total Care for IBD?

Treating IBD requires a multidisciplinary team approach with access to health care services like:

  • Gastroenterology.
  • Diagnostic testing.
  • Medication and pain management.
  • Cancer checks.
  • Women’s health.
  • Behavioral health and stress management.
  • Nutrition.

UPMC Total Care – IBD is the nation’s first Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) for those with IBD. It’s offered through the UPMC IBD Center, one of the largest IBD treatment teams in the nation. A PCMH is a partnership between a patient and their entire health care team, with the physician coordinating care.

UPMC’s Total Care – IBD Program is a disease-specific medical home. Here your IBD specialist becomes your main point of contact for your overall medical needs. This gastroenterologist and the UPMC IBD team coordinate all of your specialists and treatments to provide seamless care when and where you need it.

Your IBD specialist understands your specific needs and goals. They act as the captain of your team leading all of the players to explore and provide the best treatment options for you.

With this team approach, all of your health care providers are in close communication with you, your IBD specialist, and each other. They work together and with you to address your medical needs and quality of life issues. This team-based coordination of care leads to:

  • Better IBD management
  • Better control of anxiety, depression, and stress.
  • Fewer hospital visits.
  • Lower health care costs.
  • Improved quality of life.

The Benefits of Total Care for IBD Treatment

Enrolling in UPMC Total Care – IBD has many benefits for those with IBD. Most importantly, this program provides members with convenient and enhanced access to a team that includes:

  • Your IBD doctor and care team, all of whom are available for office visits, telephone calls, and telemedicine.
  • An IBD-dedicated social worker.
  • A registered dietitian who specializes in IBD.
  • Women’s health services for females with IBD who need help with family planning.
  • Behavioral health specialists to assist you with stress, mental health, and pain management.
  • IBD support groups and other specialty health care services to improve your quality of life.

UPMC Total Care – IBD members have open access to their care team and can continue to see their providers at the same location.

Another significant benefit for those enrolled in the UPMC Total Care – IBD Program is priority access to clinical trials. Clinical trials are the last step before a new treatment becomes available to the public. Participating in one can give you early access to innovative treatments and can help to further research on IBD.

By providing this seamless, comprehensive care, the UPMC Total Care – IBD Program helps you manage your IBD better. It also saves you time and reduces your health care costs.

What About Non-IBD Care?

Even though much of your health care centers around your IBD symptoms, life still happens. UPMC understands that your other health care needs might range from a sinus infection to a broken bone. As a member of the UPMC Total Care – IBD Program, your IBD specialist coordinates your care and comprehensive medications with other UPMC specialists like:

  • Cardiologists for specialized heart care.
  • Dermatologists for skin conditions.
  • Endocrinologists for diabetes or hormone health.
  • Orthopedic doctors for bone care.
  • Oncologists for cancer care.

The UPMC Total Care – IBD Program is all about you. You will receive optimal, comprehensive care for all of your medical needs — without any juggling on your part. To learn more or enroll in UPMC Total Care – IBD, please email digestivedisorders@upmc.edu, or call 412-647-2183.

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