Cyclists, Rowers, and Runners: Sizing Up Different Athlete Body Types

by Sports Medicine

With the 2,277-mile Tour de France (TDF) at an end, the world’s attention is on the 198 athletes who pushed themselves to all levels of physical extremes over the three-week competition. Even more so, it’s left us wondering about the magic formula that makes these master cyclists tick. What is it about a TDF athlete’s physique that allows him to cycle so hard for so long? (more…)

Leaves of Three, Let Them Be! 9 Tips for Avoiding Poisonous Plants

by Poison Center

As Summer rolls in, and gardens start to bloom, you may not consider that the stems of those juicy tomatoes could be harmful to your child or pet! Many of the leaves attached to beautiful blooms, fruits, and veggies that grow in your garden may actually be poisonous if ingested. Other seemingly harmless plants may actually cause an allergic reaction or annoying rash if touched. To help you learn how to spot toxic plants in your garden and stay safe as you frolic in nature this season, here are 9 tips for poison prevention when gardening this summer! (more…)