Effects of Humidity on The Body

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Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Hot, humid summer days can feel unbearable sometimes. Not only is the muggy air uncomfortable, but it can cause our bodies to overheat, exhaust easily, and pose a potential danger to our health.

In order to understand the effects that humidity has on our bodies, we must first take a look at how we regulate our internal temperature. Naturally, when our bodies start to heat up, we release sweat. This sweat is then evaporated from the skin, which in turn, helps to cool us off.

When the air has high moisture content, as is the case in humid weather, this sweat cannot be evaporated, leaving our bodies feeling hot and sticky. In order to cool off, our bodies must work even harder. This results in excessive sweating, increased rate and depth of blood circulation and increased respiration. This can cause a loss of water and chemicals that the body needs in order to function properly, potentially putting our health in jeopardy.

Some of these health risks which result from overexposure to humidity include:

To avoid these dangers caused by the effects of humidity, be sure to take frequent breaks and hydrate regularly when exposed to humid weather. If you feel yourself becoming fatigued, take a moment to cool off. If you continue to feel worse or experience the above conditions, seek medical attention

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