Jan 07, 2014
hand washing

Hand Washing vs. Hand Sanitizer

Every day we come into contact with viruses and bacteria, and in the peak of cold and flu season, it’s more important than ever to follow proper hand hygiene to stay healthy. When it comes to cleaning our hands, we have two effective options, hand washing and hand sanitizer. When… Read more »

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Jan 06, 2014
woman reviewing results on table

Frequently Asked Questions About Mammography

For women about to undergo their first mammogram, or even for those who have already adopted the routine, we understand questions may arise about the exam and its purpose. Below are frequently asked questions from women answered by Dr. Margarita Zuley, director of breast imaging at Magee-Womens Imaging of UPMC…. Read more »

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Jan 05, 2014
male patient

What Is Minimally Invasive Urologic Surgery?

Minimally invasive urologic surgery is the latest in diagnostic and treatment techniques for people with disorders or diseases of the: Kidneys Bladder Prostate Surgeons use small tools through tiny keyhole cuts to diagnose and treat kidney stones, prostate cancer, and other urologic problems. Benefits of Minimally Invasive Urology Surgery Minimally… Read more »

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