Jan, 25, 2014
older couple riding bicycles

Fit at Any Age

Comedian George Burns, who lived to be 100, often advised his audience to “Look to the future, because that’s where you’ll spend the rest of your life.” Vonda Wright, MD, an orthopaedic surgeon at the UPMC Center for Sports Medicine and a nationally recognized author of several books on active… Read more »

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Jan, 23, 2014
man holding a box

Putting Ergonomics to Work for You

At home and on the job, ergonomics can help you avoid injury and discomfort — and even increase your productivity. The goal of ergonomics is to make our places of work as safe, comfortable, and efficient as possible. But let’s not limit its uses to our day jobs! According to the… Read more »

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Jan, 20, 2014
man yawning

Better Sleep, Better Health

Think you are functioning normally on less than eight hours of sleep per night? The odds are that you are setting yourself up for a number of potentially negative side effects. According to sleep specialists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, most people require seven to eight hours… Read more »

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