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Medical Mondays: Head and Neck Cancer

Head and neck cancers affect the mouth, throat, and voice box. They affect the organs of speaking, breathing, and eating which are crucial areas of the body. Being informed about these different types of cancers can make the difference in your head and neck health.

Physicians take great care with these types of cancer and form individualized treatment options for their patients. Keeping up with your head and neck health can assist your doctor in spotting signs and symptoms early on.

Here you’ll learn about head and neck cancers and become aware of the signs and symptoms of them. Topics include:

  • Types of Head and Neck Cancers
  • HPV and Head and Neck Cancer: What’s the Link?
  • What Is Thyroid Cancer: Know the Facts
  • Head and Neck Cancer Treatment: New Approaches
  • Types of Head and Neck Cancer

    There are several different types of cancer that can occur in your head or neck. Understanding these head and neck cancer types can help you better understand their risks, symptoms and diagnosis. Learn more about these types of cancer and how you could be at risk. Read More
  • HPV and Head and Neck Cancer: What’s the Link?

    Few understand that Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), a sexually transmitted infection, can not only put your at risk for cervical cancer but also oral cancer. There are more than 100 related strains of HPV, which can affect different parts of the body. Read more to learn about the three frequently asked questions about the link between oral cancer and HPV. Read More
  • What Is Thyroid Cancer: Know the Facts

    The thyroid, a gland in your neck, and the conditions associated with it can affect your whole body. Thyroid cancer is becoming more common in the United States and there are four main types of the disease. The majority of cases can be cured, especially when caught early. Read more about thyroid cancer and its treatment options. Read More
  • Infographic: Head and Neck Cancers

    With over 20,000 cases per year, head and neck cancers are not something to be overlooked. Recognizing the signs is essential in early diagnosis, which aids in successful treatment. Read more to discover the risks, symptoms, and treatment options for head and neck cancers. Read More
  • Head and Neck Cancer Treatment: New Approaches

    A diagnosis of any type of cancer can be frightening, and forms of head or neck cancer are no exception. Thankfully, there are several treatment options for these forms of cancer. Read more about what treatment best suits your type of disease. Read More