verification meeting

What is the Process of Your Set-up Day?

This is the last step in your cancer treatment preparation process. Depending upon which part of your body is receiving the radiation, we may ask you to put on a hospital gown and you will be able to keep your belongs in a locker. The radiation therapists will ask you a few questions to verify your identity. They will use your treatment plan in the electronic chart to explain the process and get you into position.

The photos and tattoo marks from your previous simulation session are used to adjust you and the equipment to match your simulation. Once you are in place, the therapists will leave the room to take x-rays of your position. This is a practice run to check all the treatment parameters.

The equipment will make a buzzing sound while taking x-rays. It may come close but will not touch you. Try to relax and breathe normally, our therapists are observing nearby and can see and hear you throughout the process. They will compare your x-rays with the simulation image to make sure your radiation treatment will be accurate.

At this point, your cancer treatment plan has be simulated, validated, and verified by our specialist. Your treatment can then be proceed usually the next day.

Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes for this important last step and arrive 15 minutes early!

Contact our experts at the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center to schedule an appointment for your set-up day!