Ryan Shazier's 50 Phenoms: Share Your Story

People say athletes inspire them. But who inspires athletes?

My life forever changed on a Monday night in Cincinnati. One injury ended my football career. But I wouldn’t let that be the end of my story.

Now, I’m meeting others who are living their own comebacks. People who faced tremendous odds. People who showed tenacity and grit. People who kept fighting, no matter the odds.

These people might not be famous, but they are phenomenal — and you should know their stories. Join me for my third season of 50 Phenoms.

—Ryan Shazier

Season 4, Episode 6

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50 Phenoms: How Monique Marion Bounced Back After Amputation
Monique had her right leg amputated above the right knee after an injury. But she shares a positive message with everyone she meets. Learn more about her story in “Ryan Shazier’s 50 Phenoms.” Watch Now

A crash. A kidney. A cancer that kept coming back. Experience stories of recovery, resolve, and the power of the human spirit.