Preparing for Simulation Planning Session

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Saturday, July 25th, 2015

What Is a Simulation Planning Session and What Are the Procedures?

A simulation planning session is required before your radiation therapy can begin. The process will ensure that the radiation therapy is most effective with the least impact on the rest of your body. Watch our video about the simulation planning session.

Something to keep in mind before your simulation planning session:

  • Please remember to bring a photo ID as you will be asked to show it.
  • In case some marker used during your planning session rubs off on your clothing, it’s best to wear comfortable clothes in dark colors.

What to Expect During the Session

As you arrived at the radiation facility at UPMC CancerCenter, you will proceed to check in. A radiation therapist will take you to a simulation room, and he or she will check your ID and take a photo for your electronic patient record. You will then be situated on a table in the position that will be used for your radiation therapy. Sometimes masks or body modes may be used to help keep you in position, and the therapists may make a small X with a permanent marker or give you a tattoo in the size of a freckle to help them place you into the correct position every day.

In order to plan a safe and effective cancer treatment, your therapist may also take photos of your final position as another reference tool.

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