Learn more about the heart and vascular services available at UPMC McKeesport.

Did you know that UPMC operates 40 academic, community, and specialty hospitals across the United States and the world? Patients receive the same quality care throughout the UPMC system, whether they are at our main hospital in Oakland or one of our community hospitals.

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About The Heart and Vascular Institute at UPMC McKeesport

UPMC McKeesport is a community hospital located about 30 minutes outside of Pittsburgh, in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. The Heart and Vascular Institute at UPMC McKeesport offers a complete range of diagnostic testing to evaluate the heart’s function and structure. They also offer a wide range of medical and interventional treatment.

UPMC OnTopic |  HVI McKeesport

Two cardiologists that make up the UPMC McKeesport HVI team are Matthew Harinstein, MD, FACC, FASE, FASNC, vice president of Medical Affairs and chief of Cardiology at UPMC McKeesport, and Francis Ergina, MD, FACC. They offer a glimpse into services available to patients at the Heart and Vascular Institute at UPMC McKeesport.

Q: What is the Heart and Vascular Institute at UPMC McKeesport?

A: (Harinstein) The Heart and Vascular Institute at UPMC McKeesport provides full noninvasive and invasive cardiac services. We can do everything that any other hospital can do, except for cardiac surgery.

(Ergina): We are an extension of the Heart and Vascular Institute throughout the UPMC system. We offer world-class, quality care in your own community. It’s much easier for our patients to visit UPMC McKeesport and the quality is excellent.

Q: What are some services offered at UPMC McKeesport?

A: (H) At UPMC McKeesport, we offer a full set of noninvasive and invasive cardiac procedures. We have a full-service noninvasive lab where we perform electrocardiograms. We also have a full-service echocardiography lab where we do transthoracic and transesophagael echocardiograms. We can also perform three-dimensional echocardiograms. These heart studies can be very helpful when evaluating patients for valve procedures. We offer a full-service stress lab, where we do exercise stress testing, nuclear stress testing, and stress echocardiograms. We also have a full-service invasive lab where we do diagnostic heart and therapeutic catheterizations, including angioplasty and stents.

Q: Can patients seek emergent care at UPMC McKeesport?

A: (E) Patients can absolutely seek emergent care at UPMC McKeesport. We have a state-of-the-art heart catheterization laboratory. When a patient is having a heart attack, time is of the essence. It is very important to get to the hospital ASAP. The longer the delay, the higher the mortality rate. We could get to you very quickly, particularly since we are right in your community. There is no sense in driving half an hour outside of your community to get care when a minute or two may make all the difference in your survival.

Q: Is research part of HVI McKeesport?

A: (H) As part of the UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute, all patients at UPMC McKeesport are eligible for enrollment in cardiac clinical trials through UPMC. We also perform several studies right out of our hospital and outpatient offices.

Q: Do I have to travel to Pittsburgh for cardiovascular care?

A: (E) You do not need to travel to Pittsburgh for cardiovascular care. UPMC McKeesport offers personalized care that is part of a world-class system, right here in the community. We are committed to the community in part because we are members of the community. You receive personalized care by dedicated community members backed by the expertise and experience of the entire UPMC system.

(H): Patients should feel confident about receiving  their cardiovascular care at UPMC McKeesport. We have the same services and technology to care for patients that they would receive throughout the UPMC system. At UPMC McKeesport, we’re very committed to providing world-class care, right here in your neighborhood.

For more information about the Heart and Vascular Institute at UPMC McKeesport, please visit www.UPMCMcKeesport.com.

About Heart and Vascular Institute

The UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute has long been a leader in cardiovascular care, with a rich history in clinical research and innovation. As one of the first heart transplant centers in the country and as the developer of one of the first heart-assist devices, UPMC has contributed to advancing the field of cardiovascular medicine. We strive to provide the most advanced, cutting-edge care for our patients, treating both common and complex conditions. We also offer services that seek to improve the health of our communities, including heart screenings, free clinics, and heart health education. Find an expert near you.