6 Tips For Healthier Summer Drinks

When the weather is hot, it’s tempting to entertain guests with a refreshing summer drink.

But many classic concoctions are filled with artificial juices, sugars, and syrups — not to mention a few extra calories. What’s a party host to do?

When consumed in moderation, these healthier versions of our favorite summer drinks can help you cut down on sugar and calorie intake. Keep in mind, when it comes to alcoholic drinks, healthy is a relative term. Always drink in moderation — our bodies can only safely consume so much alcohol. And just because a particular drink includes healthy ingredients doesn’t mean you should consume more of it.

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use these healthy drink tips and recipes

Tips for Making Healthier Summer Drinks

  • Replace sugar and syrups with fresh fruit purees.
  • Trade concentrated juices for fresh-squeezed.
  • Watch portion sizes and stick to one shot per drink.
  • Add ginger, honey, and lemon to up the nutrition factor of your favorite cocktails.
  • Look for nonalcoholic versions of your favorite concoctions to cut calories.
  • Drink a glass of water between beverages to fill your stomach, leaving less room for high-calorie drinks.

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